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Shake Off Phyto Fiber Pandan Flavor by Edmark 1 Box (12 Sachets)

Shake Off Phyto Fiber Pandan Flavor by Edmark 1 Box (12 Sachets)

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Shake Off is a product of Edmark that is considered to be the most powerful product in the world. Shake Off is a drink that is rich in plant fibers and is the best drink for colon health. It consists of all-natural ingredients that sweep and clean all toxins from the colon, leaving it clean and healthy. The drink is made up of the following ingredients:

Shake Off Ingrediens:

  1. Roselle powder: A type of hibiscus flower that comes from India and Malaysia and is rich in vitamin C. It contains iron, riboflavin, niacin, and fiber. Roselle helps eliminate toxins, contains a natural cooling liquid rich in vitamin C, helps reduce fever, relieves pimples and skin problems, and prevents liver damage.
  2. Oat: Rich in bran and fiber useful for the digestive system. It eliminates the possibility of colon cancer, helps reduce the risk of heart disease, blood vessels, and heart attacks. It works like a sponge by absorbing cholesterol and fats.
  3. Inulin: A vegetable starch produced from plants that acts as a precursor to stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria. The function of inulin is to stimulate beneficial bacteria in the intestine such as Bifidus and it helps relieve diabetes by reducing the body’s need to produce its own insulin and reducing the presence of harmful bacteria, including those that cause foodborne illnesses such as E. Staphylococcus and Listeria.
  4. Garcinia Cambogia: One of the fruits that is characterized by its content of hydroxystearic acid (HCA), which affects the speed at which carbohydrates are converted into fats. The function of Garcinia Cambogia is to help try to lose weight as it reduces appetite and increases carbohydrate burning. It inhibits the enzyme that converts excess sugars into fats so that sugar is stored for energy rather than weight gain.

The benefits of Shake Off include:

Fast, effective and affordable way to eliminate congested waste matter.

▪️ Prevents coprostasis and colon cancer ▪️Reduces excess weight and lowers bad cholesterol

▪️Promotes better complexion and has an anti-aging effect

▪️Promotes growth of good bacteria to reduce constipation problems

▪️Made from all organic ingredients with no side effects

Use Direction: It preferable to use it in the night before going to bed. (don't eat 6 hours after drinking Shake Off)

1. Pour 1 sachet of Shake Off into a shaker with 250 ml. of cold water.

2. Cover and shake briskly.

3. Drink immediately.

Beneficial For:

▪️Cleanse and detoxify digestive system to maintain good health and promote longevity.



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